Sword in two hands – Posta di Donna Destra (Lady’s Guard on the Right)

Folio 23 v. b


This is Posta di Donna (Lady’s Guard) who can do all of the seven blows of the sword, and she can cover all blows. And she breaks the other guards with the great blows that she can make. And to exchange the thrust, she is always ready. The foot which is in front steps off the line and that which is behind passes across. And the opponent will be unprotected and this will hurt him quickly and surely.


Fiore gives us five different images of Posta di Donna Destra. Outside of this example, we can also see forward and rear weighted variants in the One is like the other section. From the six guards, we also see two more masters in Posta di Donna Destra. One of these is also in a forward weighted variant, and the other carries a boar sword.

Althouh most often shown looking over the shoulder, a feasable variant of this guard is to raise the lead elbow and look under you arm at your opponent. This will change the mechanics slightly and make for an exceptionally powerful downward cut. Such a variant is called Posta di Donna Soprano.

Rear weighting the stance move both your torso and hands out of range, while still leaving loads of potential to deliver an attack.

Regardless of the weighting of the stance, your left shoulder faces your opponent. The sword is chambered over the right shoulder and wound so far back that the point is in line with your left knee. The height of the sword tip varies in the different images, but is more often held down.

Turning the sword this far around means it has to travel a long way to reach your opponent. The distance involved means it loses a little in speed, but maximizes the momentum delivered in every technique. It is this momentum that allows the posta to make the claim that she breaks the other guards with the great blows she makes.

Posta di Donna Destra along with Posta di Donna Sinestra and Posta Porta di Ferro, is one of the Pulsativa guards. Pulsativa translates as to beat or pulse. In these positions you can move from a point of stillness to explode into action.

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