Sword in two hands – Posta Fenestra (Window Guard)

Folio 23 v. c


This is the Posta de Fenestra (Window Guard) and cunning and deception always lend themselves to it. And of covering and wounding, she is a master. She questions all the guards, both the high and low. And she often goes from one guard to the other to decieve the opponent. And she knows well how to make powerful thrusts and to break and exchange such plays.


Posta de Fenestra is classed by Fiore as one of the unstable guards. Fast, mobile and deceptive, from here you are able to make cuts, thrusts or beats.

Take a rear weighted stance, keeping your body at a long distance from your opponent. Your front foot is able to quickly and easily move without being seen, allowing you to rapidly change your angle of attack. Hold your swords point of balance in the centreline of your body and keep the point threatening your opponent.

A volta stabile should be enough to drive the point straight forward into your opponents face, or by dropping the hands you can sweep the blade across your body and exchange the thrust as first described by the 8th scholar of the 2nd Master.

By pivoting the sword around its balance point, you will make fast tight cuts to either attack your opponent directly or break their attack.

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