Sword vs dagger – 4th master

Folio 19 v. d


This is a similar match to the one before, although it is not done in the same way as the one before it. This play starts in the same way as the one before us, but when the one with the dagger takes up his arm to strike, I will immediately raise my sword in under his dagger and put the tip of my scabbard in his face, returning my foot that is in front to the back. And I can strike him in the face as depicted after me.


The 4th master is another example of a ‘self defence’ type play. You are relaxed and holding your sheathed sword point down. Your left hand carries the sword by the scabbard. Your right hand rests thumb up on the handle. With no cause, a potential assassin grabs you by the collar, intent on delivering a fatal downward stab.

In your defence, you use the sheathed sword as a short staff. Step back with your right foot to give yourself as much space as you can. Raise your left hand straight up the centreline to shoulder height. Also keep your elbow in the centre. The angle of your forearm will determine the angle of your strike. As your right foot anchors onto the ground, lever your right hand down.

As the hands are held so close to each other, the sword blade will snap up in a very fast, tight arc. Aim to strike under the attacking wrist between the dagger bade and the forearm. This will jam the attack. On contact, push forward with your left hip and hands, driving the tip of the scabbard into your opponents face. This is explored further by the scholar of the 4th master.

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