Sword vs Dagger – Counter to the 1st scholar of the 1st master

Floio 19 r. c


If the player who came before me knew such a defence, he would have put his left hand on the scholars guard, and in this way pushed his elbow turning it as shown. Then I would not need the counter to the master with the dagger in his guard.


You have just made a lower thrust against the master armed with a dagger. Your opponent has stepped offline, beating your thrust to your left. As they step through with their left foot, as shown by the 1st scholar, they are going to try to grab and control your right hand. Counter it like this.

Once your opponent has committed to their step. pivot your hips clockwise. Let go of your sword with your left hand and reach over your arm. Immediately before their hand reaches yours, drop your sword hand out of the way.

Catch the outside of your opponents left wrist with the back of your left hand. You are using timing and flow to catch this. It is not a forceful action. Step through with your left foot, rolling your hand up your opponents forearm, and causing them to twist away to your left. As your left foot anchors, shove your left hand out to full extension. Your opponent will be completely spun around with their back towards you. Pull your sword back, arriving in the position shown.

Your opponent will instinctively try to push back against you, in which case, stab them under the left armpit. A more experienced opponent will work with the momentum, make a complete turn to the right, and try to attack with a roverso strike. In this case, move your sword point to the right and ensure they run onto it.

This whole play is essentially another elbow push. What makes it stand out from the others is that you are pushing the left elbow, whereas all other examples push the right. These can be seen in

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