Sword vs Dagger – 1st Master

Folio 19 r. a


Here begins sword and dagger plays. The advantage is great for those who can do it. The master is in this guard called Dente di Zenghiaro. Come with all the thrusts and cuts that you know. My right foot and then my dagger will turn and I will beat your sword aside. I know the narrow play and I cannot fail. Come one by one to oppose me as you wish. You will not touch me and I will break you with a turn.


Most closely resembling the Master of Sword in One Hand, this Master utilises a common theme of defence seen throughout Fiore’s style. As the first master, you are in a rear weighted stance with the point offline ready to sidestep and pass across, using the power from the resulting hip motion to beat aside any incoming attack before making a counter.

In beating attacks aside as the First Master, be sure to keep a very acute angle between the dagger blade and your forearm as you contact your opponents blade. As the angle approaches 90 degrees, it becomes increasingly susceptible to leverage on contact. This places strain on the wrist and your sweep can potentially collapse. By keeping the angle at around 20 degrees, the dagger blades ‘locks in’ with the motion of the forearm, while still ensuring a safe distance between your own arm and the blade you are striking against.

Should the opportunity arise, you can also go on the offensive. You are perfectly placed to deliver a roverso attack, or indeed, an attack anywhere above the elbows.