Sword vs dagger – Scholar of the 4th master

Folio 20 r. a


This play is of the master that makes the match here before. By following his instructions, I am able to do it. You see well that your dagger does not make me any trouble.


This play illustrates the description given by the 4th master. While holding your sheathed sword with your left hand at the mouth of the scabbard and your right hand thumb up on the handle, you are defending against a surprise fendente attack.

Drop your right foot back to give yourself space and raise your right hand to your shoulder, using it as a pivot point. Push forward with your left hip and drive the left hand up. As your hands are so close together, the sword will move in a fast tight arc. Strike under the dagger at the base of the wrist. Adjust so as to align the blade with your opponents face and then lunge forward. Precisely aiming this will be difficult, but you are aiming to take out an eye. With no element of surprise, their weapon jammed, and their face injured, your opponent has now lost all the initiative. As much as you can keep pushing the scabbard tip into their face. Use the scabbard to keep the dagger tangled while you change your grip and draw your sword to posta fenestra. Finish your opponent off before they can recover.

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